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I was apprehensive about sending in this review initially. However, I felt an urge to move forward with the entry. First of all, I’d like to start by saying you’re great. Your energy resonates with me with every reading. The consistency of your messages gives me confidence in your gift. You’ve helped me with my day to day decisions. I love how you keep it  and you never waver from being your authentic self. Everyday I listen for guidance and wisdom. I’m praying for much success in the future for you and stay in that bag young man, because it’s paying off.

Allisha M.

 I subscribed to your channel because I was seeking a male point of view. There are not too many male let alone black readers on YouTube and your given me great prospective. I’m learning to trust my intuition and your guidance helps with that a lot. I’m just seeking answers to the things that block me from being at my highest self and I trust that you can help me with this. 

Michelle C.

I started watching your readings about a few weeks ago and they have been so helpful and I love your energy. I'm currently in my healing journey, in the process of breaking a generational curse. 2021 has been the darkest year of my life. I will never forget it. I am so thankful for being a libra though because my optimism has helped me through it all and your libra show is all about positivity. So thankful for what you do.



I just came across you last night as u was listening to libra tarot hoping to get answers about my love life and my future and how my love even feels  so far the readings I have heard of urs resonates and are accurate about what I know this far. I love ur energy and the way u give the story.


Good evening .. You are amazing I watch your channel everyday omg.... I'm a Libra btw you are so on point with your videos that I'm hooked lol. Happy holidays to you n your family ... Positive vibes  .

Giselle R.

I’ve been a loyal subscriber since last year, I enjoy every reading and live reading and I think you are very intuitive and spiritual. I really do appreciate all that you have done for us Librarians , Thanks again “LIBRA GANG GANG YAAAAA”

Letasha B.

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 I think your channel is awesome! I love your energy from the very beginning. Not to sound stalkerish, but was your 121st subscriber. I remember this because I was new to the "tarot reading world" and I noticed that you were kinda new too. Not to mention that you're a cute young black man who also happens to be a Libra yourself, so I knew that what you were saying would be real. As far as your message goes, I can honestly say that your perspective is refreshing. Getting a mans' point-of-view on things about my personality is BOMB. There is no other way to put it

Chasing Cruz

The first reading I got from you was honestly exactly what I needed to hear. You confirmed one of deepest issues I had been experiencing without even consciously being aware. Since that reading I went deeper into my healing process and took the advice to get back in touch with my feminine energy! I have made great progress thanks to your honest approach. Thank you dearly my lovely, peace & love!

Kay Love

Josh, what can I say I love your vibe it’s infectious. I love watching all your videos. However, I prefer watching you live. You keep s**t real!!! I’m happy that I found your channel.

P.K. Nutson

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